Rainbow Community Liaison and Training Team

Working with diverse communities is an essential part of working in mental health. Affinity’s training program will develop your skills, language and knowledge of gender and sexual diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand.  We also liaise between communities and mental health providers, ensuring access to services and building relationships across the sector.



  • Raise awareness about the needs of rainbow communities accessing mental health services.
  • Provide free trainings, presentations, and workshops for clinicians, support workers, and mental health workers across the Auckland area.
  • Promote Best Practice Guidelines and evidence-based suggestions for working alongside rainbow consumers.
  • Liaise between rainbow community members or community organizations and mental health services.
  • Build relationships across the mental health sector.
  • Continue researching the intersections of mental health and rainbow or LGBTTQI communities.
  • Educate and support clinicians and support workers engaging with rainbow consumers or community members.
  • Develop the cultural competency of organizations and services supporting rainbow consumers or community members.

The training we offer is tailor made for your team or organisation. It can be run as a series of one hour sessions, a 3 hour workshop, or a full interactive training day.


For more information contact the Rainbow Community Liaison and Training Team on (09) 531 4040